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Passport Maths


Early Intervention in Secondary Mathematics


Network of Numeracy and Mathematics Partners works with its schools to raise GCSE achievement to 80% and beyond. A key part of our model is to ensure that pupils achieve the equivalent of level 6 by the end of year nine as we know this guarantees GCSE success. Those beginning KS3 below KS2 100 mark (or level 4) in mathematics need additional support if they are to make the equivalent of level 6 by the end of year nine. This additional support needs to be triggered as soon as possible at the start of KS3. N2MP's training and implementation of the Passport Mathematics Scheme has been designed with this in mind.


“Definitely go for it. It’s been one of the biggest eye openers for us as a school. It’s flexible and it works. It lets you quickly identify what the gaps are and do something which really targets them.” Ryan Hughes, Assistant principal, Aspire Academy




Passport Maths is an early intervention programme for year 7 students who are not "secondary-ready" in mathematics, helping them to master the basics they may have missed at primary level. The programme supports progression in fundamental mathematical concepts, helping students to go on to better outcomes at GCSE.


Passport Maths is designed for pupils who did not achieve the expected standard in mathematics at Key Stage 2 (that is, students with a scaled scored of less than 100 on the Key Stage 2 test). It provides the additional support that students need to catch up with the mathematical ideas that are developed at greater depth at Key Stage 3.




The programme is unique in that it enables students to follow and master the mathematical fundamentals which they may have missed out on at primary school, while progressing with the curriculum with the rest of their year-group.


Students undertake an additional two hours of catchup per week in the programme with a small group over 15 weeks, working on key concepts in manageable stages. To encourage students to stay engaged throughout, they are rewarded with bronze, silver and gold awards for achievement.


The programme consists of five units, each with a number of modules, corresponding to different areas of the National Curriculum:


•Whole numbers


•Fractions, decimals and percentages






This is achieved with:


  • Online resources for use by the teacher and pupils. These include class, group and individual activities, unit tests and lesson starters


  • Maths Passport pupil progress booklets, enabling students to present and reflect on their learning


  • Passport stamp to confirm achievement


  • Teacher Training - onsite training sessions with staff, a launch of the programme with a group of students, and offsite support and guidance to help you get the most out of Passport Maths for your students.


To ensure successful delivery of the intervention scheme, N2MP will train relevant staff and advise of the best way this scheme fits in your curriculum design.


The resources and training can be ordered by contacting N2MP. Teacher access to the online resources is included when you order any pupil progress booklets (passports), and for each passport you order, you will receive one trackable student login to the website.



“Overall the evidence is quite clear, Passport Maths not only works but when used in conjunction with normal lessons it can lead to impressive leaps in progress.”


Head of maths, Passport Maths School


"I think Passport Maths is cool, because I am learning a lot and it feels great when my Passport Controller (teacher) stamps my Passport Book. I know I’m doing well cos I’ve already got my bronze and silver and working to get my gold by Christmas break.”


Year 7 Passport Maths student








Individual schools:


Pupil progress booklets and log ins (Maths Passports) - £10 each


Passport stamp - £8 each


Teacher training - £750


The majority of schools we work with in England and Wales use their pupil catch-up funding for this intervention.


Groups and clusters:


For bespoke pricing structure and training options please contact N2MP for more information.

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